Merc Rule 5

Merc Rule 5: Always sleep upwind from camp. -Chili-House Javier  If you ain’t met Chili-house Javier, you won’t be able to appreciate this rule. Even so, you can guess he didn’t get the name for his […]


They didn’t call him “Luckless” Armstrong Gamble for nothing. Luckless wiped a bead of sweat from his brow and squinted at the angry desert sun. His partner, Mav, kept a close watch on the mutant […]

Merc Rule 4

Merc Rule 4: Geometry is a fancy word for the science of shooting pool. There was a fella named Bullet-Eye Cain. Always used to beat the pants off of me at pool. A regular shark, you might […]

Merc Rule 3

Merc Rule 3: Just ’cause you can outdrink the boss don’t mean you should. Every merc is entitled to a little drink on the job. It’s an unwritten rule. Call it a perk of the bloody […]

Dear Diary: Epic Coolness on the Way

Week 2 So I’ve officially launched. (Woot!) Which is to say, I’ve started with my regular posting schedule. Pretty exciting, right? I might still fiddle around with some of the art design and logos a […]

Merc Rule 2

Merc Rule 2: Behind every great merc there’s five more holding guns. In our younger days me and Spivey went looking for the infamous Hammerhead Ozzie. A legendary merc said to have never lost a fight, […]

Merc Rule 1

Merc Rule 1: Never touch a merc’s hat. No, seriously. There’s no better example of why you should keep your mitts to yourself than a story about my partner, Spivey. He’s as laid back a merc […]

Dear Diary: Hello World

Week 1 Where to start… where to start? I suppose the beginning’s as good a place as any. Back in the days of horse-drawn carriages… back when a single gold piece could get you a […]

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