*Not Just Any Fool

“Listen here, you puffed up canaries,” Gator snapped, raising her fist. “You either pay the whole fare up front or you can hire some other merc to tow this hunk of junk back to Three […]

Merc Rule 14

Merc Rule 14: A single nod is the proper way to greet unfamiliar mercs. Less chance of it ending in incineration. Mercs are a prideful bunch. They all think they know best. And when they tend […]

Merc Rule 13

Merc Rule 13: The pen is mightier than the sword in the hands of the expert knife thrower. Every merc knows their way around a blade well enough to keep a boot knife—or six—stashed for special […]

*Brain Freeze

It’s funny how one teensy tiny little thing—like pissing off the mob—can lead to torching your van and dumping it in the bottom of the Hudson. But it came with the territory, just another occupational […]

Merc Rule 12

Merc Rule 12: He who changes his bet last is either bluffing, cheating, or both. If you traveled the span of the Red Frontier you’d be hard pressed to find a merc who ain’t interested in […]

Merc Rule 11

Merc Rule 11: It’s better to be a coward missing an ear than a fool missing his whole head. -French Hicks Mercs don’t much like the notion of cowardice. There’s worse things, though. Like being lowered […]

*You Break, You Buy

Georgy Federov crunched into the last of his vanilla cone and opened the back of his ice cream truck to reveal an array of military-grade firearms. Well, not an ice cream truck per se. Just […]

Merc Rule 10

Merc Rule 10: The key to the best sex of your life is a locked door. -Lonewolf Crosby Jennings ‘Lonewolf’ Crosby is a strange one. And not just ‘cause he wears two dusters, one over the […]

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