The Spotlight: Kentucky Freed Chicken

This week I bring you Kentucky Freed Chicken, a chilling flash fiction from cheesywriterblog.

I stumbled upon this story via a flash fiction prompt on Chuck Wendig’s website. He called upon his subscribers to write “a rare, strange, unparalleled apocalypse.” Cheesywriterblog delivered… with style points galore. The story takes place in a world devastated by unintended consequences of the poultry industry’s darkest sins. The writing style is punchy and smart, squeezing leagues of visual mileage out of crisp prose. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to stumble upon this story…

No amount of hype can prepare you for the glory that is Kentucky Freed Chicken. But don’t take my word for it. Keep reading and find out for yourself. 

The first hundred or so words are posted below. You’ll have to follow the link at the bottom to the full story (<- or here) at the cheesywriterblog WordPress.

Enjoy the teaser! And don’t forget to comment on cheesywriterblog’s original post!

Kentucky Freed Chicken

You always wanted to be skinny, right? Thought you could starve your way to beauty, snorting cocoa dust to sate your sweet tooth while living on lean proteins. All you wanted was to be pretty like those girls in the airbrushed photos, missing lumps of cellulite that kept our ancestors alive.

Maybe you wanted to be a tough guy, wolfing down raw eggs while pumping iron. Four chickens’ breasts a day! Each rep growing your biceps, defining your delts, turning you into a hard, mean muscle machine. You wanted to be a fighter, didn’t you?

Well, we’re all fighters now. We’re all starving, too. All the time you spent working for a better body should have been spent working for a better future.

Let’s be honest, though. You’re probably dead. The people who cause the problem rarely survive to see consequences.

. . . to be continued . . .


Go forth and conquer,

J. D.

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