Dear Diary: Changes on the Way!


I’ve been doing this on twelve weeks now. Just long enough to get a feel for what works and what is a royal pain in my arse. I ain’t one to sacrifice quality—or quantity—if I can help it. So, damn it, it’s time to reevaluate my strategy. Implement some changes. Maximize efficiency.  

My initial goal was to blog on Mondays, post Merc Rules on Tuesday and Thursday, and a Flapjack every Friday. And for the most part that ain’t gonna change. But the hidden part of the equation was that I was supposed to be working on my novel behind the scenes. I’ve been fighting this schedule every inch of the way, and just haven’t had any time to make headway on the novel. 

Even as arduous as my workload is, that’s completely unacceptable. 

I recently had the idea to do The Spotlight every 2nd and 4th Monday, featuring other writer’s flash fiction. This saves me time on having to blog, gives me a chance to read some work outside of my own, and provides you with more fun content.

I’ve also wanted to blog about wordsmithing for some time. So, I’ll be working that in on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. That leaves the vaporous 5th Monday (like today) for updates and news. Until I’m a celebrity and you’re hanging on my every word, that’s just about the right frequency. So moving forward, Mondays are going to rotate content as described above.

Tuesday and Thursday will continue featuring Merc Rules, but with a notable change. I’d been writing them in random order. That way folks would understand that the rules will extend up into the hundreds. Naturally, I didn’t consider the benefits of writing them in order. Namely, the organization aspect and the fact that when people see that I’m on Merc Rule 278, they’ll know I’ve indeed written… That. Damn. Many. That’s a powerful marketing tool in itself. I ain’t sure how I’m gonna do it yet, but I’ll be restructuring them soon.

That just leaves the Flapjacks.

Currently, I’m only spending roughly a day or two writing these. I ain’t a damn wizard, I can’t write a masterpiece after my day job in two days. So I’m gonna be indicating which stories are still in rough form, and which have gotten that final polish to really make them sing. That way you—dear reader—know what you’re getting. 

For those of you who ain’t yet noticed yet, my boy Alex Gyftogiannis wrote this last Friday’s flash fiction. Big ups to him for that. He’s gonna be kicking more ass moving forward and helping create the time I need to work on the upcoming novels. And who knows, it’s possible he’ll be helping with that too. To varying degrees this entire project has been a joint effort.

Back on the Flapjacks, it has always been my intention to release a compilation at the end of each year. And that means needing to revise the stories before they can be published. As a means to that end, I’ll be editing a previously written Flapjack every 4th Friday of the month and re-posting it with a tag indicating it’s been polished. On months that have a 5th Friday, I’ll be posting a 4th Flapjack.

That’s all the updates for now! I look forward to testing out this new schedule and seeing how it fairs!

Until next time…

Go forth and conquer,

J. D.

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