Dear Diary: Working Out The Kinks


It ain’t the fifth Monday of the month, but I’m blogging anyway. Because, damn it, it’s my website and I’m still working out the kinks.

Mondays are still gonna feature Spotlight stories from guest writers. I’m also still gonna continue writing Wordsmithy blogs, although probably less often. And the schedule may not be precise, yet. Due to the volume of help I’ve been receiving from my dudebro Alex Gyftogiannis, I’m also (potentially) gonna start mixing in some other writing on Mondays. As well as the odd blog like this one, until things are figured out.

The Bitter Bullet, Primora, and Unworthy universes all fit into a larger universe, Broken Atlas. What I haven’t gotten into detail about is the other five universes helping make up Broken Atlas. And although these ain’t all relevant right now, I may occasionally have the desire to write a story in one of these universes. As may Alex. So I’m gonna create a slot for such opportunities. These stories would replace Worthysmithy or Spotlight that week as they become available for posting. And if the volume demands it, it may replace the Monday slot altogether.

Imagine four stories a week… That’d be dope.

Anyway, the idea is that these new stories won’t interfere with Flapjack Friday. I’m also working on making Flapjack Friday specifically reserved for stories that are going into whatever book I’m working on. Which for the time being is in the Bitter Bullet universe.

What does this all mean? It means that I’ll be creating a category for Broken Atlas to replace the Vault on the home page. Also means stories in any universe but the Bitter Bullet (aka Primora, Unworthy, and any others) will be moved to Monday. All this, naturally, once I’ve gotten everything squared away. So many things are changing right now that it may take a month or two to get it all sorted.

That brings me to my next couple points.

I’m seriously considering running my website more like a blog. Writing stories to bring readers back, the way traditional bloggers draw folks with articles. Making money from ads instead of hard sales like an author. Or at least not relying exclusively on sales for income. That means it’s time to put advertisements on the website. This is something I’d always planned on, just never got around to. Seeing as I’m still working out what kinds of ads I’d like to use, it might be a few weeks (or longer) before I get anything up in that regard.

The next big point goes hand in hand with the previous one. I’ve been planning a book. Several, if you can believe it. And while I’ll be making ’em available on Amazon (and other platforms) as they’re written, I’m thinking I’m gonna make ’em all available for free on the website. Just like a blog. Further, instead of writing random stories on Friday, the Flapjacks, while not necessarily chronological, will feature stories (chapters) strictly for the books I’m writing. If that makes sense. The Flapjack designation may even change to something else, like “Serial” or “the Story” or something cool. Or not lame at any rate.

The Merc Rules won’t change at all. And I’m still working on getting ’em all laid out chronologically. Might even have a few surprises with how they’re written. At least in terms of how they fit together. Because the ultimate goal is to sell those as well. Though, they’ll all be free on the website too.

Anyway, ideas are something I’m never short on. Certainty about products, pricing, marketing, and branding is a bit more squirrely. We’ll see what happens. For now, the content is gonna keep rolling out at the same pace. How it’s being organized may go through a few more iterations until it’s refined into its final form.

Until next time…

Go forth and conquer,

J. D.

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