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You ever seen a dead body? Because I have. Not a ton, mind you, but enough. It never upset me or made me uncomfortable, but I still can’t get over just how surreal it is. […]

Merc Rule 40

Merc Rule 40: Never bring a knife to a gunfight. You’ll need at least six. Now why in the hell would six knives do you any good against a gun? You may recall that the most […]

Merc Rule 39

Merc Rule 39: Restraint: What mercs exercise when there are too many witnesses. Mercs ain’t known to be a patient bunch. Fact of the matter is, the bloody business typically calls for fellas who act first […]

The Spotlight: Rain

This week I am reblogging an audio story written by Kathy Steinemann and recorded by my good friend Christopher Herron. His website, TallTaleTv.com features stories written by others and read by him. Rain is a […]

Dear Diary: Back in Business

Howdy, Things have finally started to return to normal around here. That means productivity is picking back up. At least it damn well better. I still ain’t at 100%, but the Merc Rules are back […]

Merc Rule 38

Merc Rule 38: A merc crew is only as stealthy as its drunkest member. If you’ve ever been around a drunk merc then you know they ain’t exactly the kind that can whisper without their voice […]

Merc Rule 37

Merc Rule 37: Good Idea: Lead by example. Better Idea: Send someone else in first. Every merc crew needs a boss who ain’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Ain’t afraid to jump out in front […]

Dear Diary: :-(

Howdy, Well, I’ve still got the flu. Last night was the worst yet. Still workin’ on my Merc Rules. In spirit. Which is to say that I have ’em planned out, but am having difficulty […]

Dear Diary: I Got the F*ckin’ Flu

Sup, So, you may have noticed my Tuesday Merc Rule went up late. And my Thursday Merc Rule still hasn’t been posted. Good job. Keep it up and you just might make detective. To quote […]

Merc Rule 36

Merc Rule 36: The proper way to tell if a steak is done is to slap it and see if it moos. Every merc in the bloody business knows that after a hard day’s work there’s […]

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