Dear Diary: Back in Business


Things have finally started to return to normal around here. That means productivity is picking back up. At least it damn well better. I still ain’t at 100%, but the Merc Rules are back on track and caught up. Although there ain’t gonna be a Flapjack this week, there are a couple in the works. Bitter Bullet and Unworthy are next on the menu. So something should be up and ready next Friday for your viewing pleasure. 

In other news, I’m gonna be submitting some unpublished short stories to magazines in the near future and I’ll keep everyone abreast of what happens with that. Exciting stuff.

Also, my good friend Chris Herron has gotten his website up and running! He’s got an awesome YouTube channel, and you can expect to see some of his stuff on this site in the near future. Maybe even some audio stories from yours truly. Pretty cool, eh? You’re damn right it is.

Until next time…

Go forth and conquer,

J. D.

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