Dear Diary: Updated Merc Rules

Howdy, I’ve been working on updating the Merc Rules behind the scenes. It has, I’ll admit, interfered with my weekly writing a bit. Not terribly, but just enough to make things uncomfortable. But the Merc Rules […]

Merc Rule 46

Merc Rule 46: An eye for an eye is only good for the eyepatch salesman. COYOTE JOE: There’s an old saying about an eye for an eye making everyone blind. It’s true, and it don’t work […]

Merc Rule 45

Merc Rule 45: Merconomics: Supply and Demand led to the invention of the threesome. COYOTE JOE: Most mercs understand the concept of supply and demand. Might go as far as to call us natural financial wizards. […]

The Spotlight: Of Monsters and Mushrooms

Howdy! You know what time it is… Time for another Spotlight! This week I’m featuring an audio story, Of Monsters and Mushrooms, written by Lesley Herron and recorded by my dudebro (and her husband) Chris Herron. Check out […]

Merc Rule 44

Merc Rule 44: Flattery will get you halfway… Money will take you the rest. Not every merc can be convinced to do every job. Naturally, some of us are in more demand than others. And it’s […]

Merc Rule 43

Merc Rule 43: A merc is obligated to join a fight under two conditions: 1) someone hit a woman, 2) someone hit a man. Mercs are a scrappy bunch of bastards. They’ll look for any reason […]

Dear Diary: “New Awlins”

Howdy, So… I’ve been out for the last week. Hopefully, no one noticed, as I managed to keep the post schedule roughly on time. Where was I, you ask? On a business trip to New […]

*Gods, Monsters, and Everyone Else

If you’ve seen one interrogation room, you’ve seen them all. Four concrete walls and a floor that’s never been scrubbed of piss and blood. If you’re the guy chained to the scarred, steel table at […]

Merc Rule 42c

Merc Rule 42c: There are mercs, there are politicians, and there are them who wear ponchos. Mercs can be an untrustworthy sort. They’re lazy. They lie, cheat, and steal. Hell, they’ll even con you out of […]

Merc Rule 42b

Merc Rule 42b: Never trust anyone who consorts with a man in a poncho. First, let’s make sure we all remember Rule 42: Never trust a man in a poncho. If there’s any question on that […]

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