Merc Rule 45

Written by J. D. Wiley --- Art by J. D. Wiley

Merc Rule 45: Merconomics: Supply and Demand led to the invention of the threesome.

COYOTE JOE: Most mercs understand the concept of supply and demand. Might go as far as to call us natural financial wizards. Even the fellas that do their counting on the fingers and toes they haven’t blown off yet. But for those of you who ain’t savvy on the particulars, Spivey breaks it down in simple terms.

SPIVEY: Shortages create demand among consumers, as producers hike prices higher than the skirts in ten penny brothel. And surplus drives down prices, as commodities lose their value.

COYOTE JOE: In our case, too much of a good thing can quickly create a scenario where resources are squandered. The few sit in the lap of luxury while the many fight over whatever scraps are left.

So while me, Spivey, French Hicks, and Callie Quickfinger were taking in the… sights at Cat Scratch Bordello we ended up having ourselves a good time. A little too good perhaps. Frenchie working out that deal and all. I’d like to say me and Spivey got the best end of the arrangement. But Callie was wearing ’em out faster the other three of us combined. If you think ladies ain’t paying customers in the brothels, then you ain’t familiar with a merc’s appetite.

Anyway, Frenchie got us a deal. All the company we could handle, and we were handling it like champs. Maybe taking a little more than we could handle. Keeping the girls busy. Whole rooms of ’em. I won’t lie and say they were doing more than feeding me grapes and giving me back rubs. I’m just one man. But when you’ve got a room full of call girls, it leaves the brothel empty for the rest of the paying customers.But horny bastards with money ain’t particularly choosy. When resources get low and demand is through the roof, some of them girls started taking customers two at a time. Making money hand over fist. That’s what I heard anyway. We ain’t into that sorta thing.

SPIVEY: Speak for yourself.

COYOTE JOE: I was. You dirty cuss. Anyway, the brothel found ways to make its money. Necessity is the mother of invention. Or lack of moral fiber. Or judgment in general. And that’s how supply and demand create unique opportunities.

-Coyote Joe, Memoirs of a Merc

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