Dear Diary: Updated Merc Rules


I’ve been working on updating the Merc Rules behind the scenes. It has, I’ll admit, interfered with my weekly writing a bit. Not terribly, but just enough to make things uncomfortable. But the Merc Rules are finally just about organized and all filled in. Only a few more to go before it’s all chronological. I never thought it’d be so hard converting a bunch of rules from random into numerical order. Guess I should have done it that way from the start, huh?

Here are the most recent ones that have been updated. Which is to say, these are never before seen Merc Rules. yes, yes, exciting stuff. Unless o’ course you’ve been creeping the website. Then you may have discovered and read ’em by now. Without further ado, click the links below to read the two updated Merc Rules.

Merc Rule 5: Always sleep upwind from camp. -Chili-House Javier

Merc Rule 8: Shitting your pants is the first sign of courage.

Now that that’s outta the way, on to the new stuff. You might have noticed that I’ve also started fiddling around with the Merc Rule format. I’m seriously considering turning them into transcripts from a radio show. That way I can occasionally include Spivey’s insights, limited as they may be. The idea spawned from the need to create a more dynamic environment for the Merc Rules and provide a little bit of backdrop for the recording aspect. Which Chris Herron will be picking up once the first 50 have been revised and put into an ebook.

That’s right. You heard correctly, the first ebook ain’t far off. Actually, I’m aiming for the beginning of August. Remember you heard it here first. So while I’m messing around with all of this stuff, I’m also working on a new Merc Rules logo. Once that reflects the radio show concept. With a little luck, it may be up by the end of the weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

After that, I’ll be editing Merc Rules 1-50 and updating them as “Polished” on the website. I expect that some of ’em will see serious changes and updates in the order of several hundred words. The rest will get a facelift and little threads of connectivity to unify ’em a bit. The Merc Rules were never intended to create a fluid narrative, but rather to be an episodic and sporadic account of Spivey and Coyote Joe’s travels and encounters along the Red Frontier.

Updates are around every corner. I hope you’re getting excited, ’cause I sure am.

Until next time…

Go forth and conquer,

J. D.

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