Deary Diary: Nose to the Grindstone


People keep asking me when my first book is gonna be up for sale on the website. Family members, friends, and random folks from the interwebs. And every time I say the same thing, “I’m working on it. Hopefully soon.” I’m getting really tired of giving that response. And because keeping up my website means I’ve cornered myself into a lot more writing than a traditional novelist… it also means I ain’t giving myself enough time to get the real meat and potatoes written.

I don’t like that. Not even a little.

Well, I’ve returned from New York. And after much deliberation with my partner in crime, Alex Gyftogiannis, (and continuous prodding from my wife) I’ve reached a conclusion for my writing material, schedule, and overall website content. I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty good about this new direction.

Not all of you are gonna be crazy about these changes, but for time and sanity purposes I feel it’s gonna be my best bet. Plus, you know, it’s my friggin’ website… so, yeah. Perks of being my own boss.

The new schedule will start out looking something like this:

Monday: Finalized spit and polished Merc Rule.

Friday: Rough draft of a new Merc Rule or Chapter from my novel in progress.

I will write occasional blogs to keep y’all updated, but my primary focus is gonna be on getting salable material prepared. Oh, speaking of which, that new schedule won’t begin until January 1st. Meaning, I will be taking some time away from posting for a few months while I get everything ready. This also means that when I start posting final Merc Rules on the website, you’ll be able to wander over to my store and buy the complete book. I’ll keep rolling out free Merc Rules as an incentive to buy the finished product, but I’ll never require anyone to pay to read my stuff. Pretty cool, right? You’re damn right it is.

You don’t have to thank me.

Also, the website is gonna be updated from to… drum roll Actually, will simply redirect to the new name. As the worldbuilding continues, things are being updated to be bigger, better, and mucho mas sexier.

All of this means the website will get a nip here, a tuck there, and an overall face-lift. Nothing major, just enough to get the new feel across.

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Until next time…

Go forth and conquer,

J. D.

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