Brig hung a heavy arm from the passenger window as they bounced along a trail in the high country. Nothing more than two lines of dirt cutting through tall grass and devilweed. The junker’s heavy, […]

*Gods, Monsters, and Everyone Else

If you’ve seen one interrogation room, you’ve seen them all. Four concrete walls and a floor that’s never been scrubbed of piss and blood. If you’re the guy chained to the scarred, steel table at […]

*Guy Stuff

You ever seen a dead body? Because I have. Not a ton, mind you, but enough. It never upset me or made me uncomfortable, but I still can’t get over just how surreal it is. […]

*When God Isn’t Watching (Part 1)

The motorcycle’s engine roared as Gibraltar cranked the throttle, urging the metal beast faster along the shattered road. Marco and Henoch followed close behind on hogs of their own. The cloud of dust trailing the junker […]

*Visceral Certainty (Part 5)

. . . Read Part 4 . . . Achathon nocked and fired arrows at blinding speed. Feathered shafts riddled Voshlu’s chest and throat. The giant Skarn barreled forward through the torrent of bolts, slamming down his slabs of fist like twin pillars. Achathon’s […]

*Visceral Certainty (Part 4)

. . . Read Part 3 . . . The clomping and thundering of horses grew louder. It sounded like a dozen steeds or more. Kavel hoped that meant friends rather than foes. It wasn’t like […]

*Visceral Certainty (Part 3)

. . . Read Part 2 . . . Kavel backpedaled, fighting for air as the reanimated corpse of a beautiful woman squeezed her bloody hands around his neck. Two more ravishing maidens clung to his legs, […]

*Visceral Certainty (Part 2)

. . . Read Part 1 . . . Night fell as Kavel and his band of hunters approached Harryn Falls. All was quiet aside from the distant crackle of the flames that consumed the village. […]

*Visceral Certainty (Part 1)

Kavel spat on the dead Skarn that lay at his feet. The hulking, ape-like savage’s tongue hung from the side of its mouth as its empty red eyes stared into his. An arrow protruded from […]

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