*One More Step

Rex trudged at the back of the line. This was some bullshit. Thirty pairs of standard issue combat boots sucked through the thick mud ahead of him. They spattered his face with clumps of dirt. […]

*With Great Generosity

Xaoshun Po padded down the stone path, tearing through the dark jungle, pulling master Zanjian in the rickshaw behind her. Every strand of her feline musculature burned with the effort. And the humid air made […]

*Aces and Eights

Brig chewed on a soggy cigar and squinted across the table at the pair of mercs scowling behind their cards. One, a shifty-eyed vaquero named Flat-nose Florentez. The other, a gawky poncho-wearing son of a […]

*Not Just Any Fool

“Listen here, you puffed up canaries,” Gator snapped, raising her fist. “You either pay the whole fare up front or you can hire some other merc to tow this hunk of junk back to Three […]

*Brain Freeze

It’s funny how one teensy tiny little thing—like pissing off the mob—can lead to torching your van and dumping it in the bottom of the Hudson. But it came with the territory, just another occupational […]

*You Break, You Buy

Georgy Federov crunched into the last of his vanilla cone and opened the back of his ice cream truck to reveal an array of military-grade firearms. Well, not an ice cream truck per se. Just […]


Nagaharu Nightsbane, Battlemage of the fifth Order, salivated at the thought of a bacon double with cheese. He could almost taste those two all beef patties, four sizzling strips of thick-cut bacon, and melted cheddar. […]

*Focus On Nothing

Xaoshun Po sat under a star tree at the edge of the Lan Se River. Iridescent blossoms spiraled in the air around her. Purple, blue, orange, glowing like the morning sky. The breeze ruffled her […]


They didn’t call him “Luckless” Armstrong Gamble for nothing. Luckless wiped a bead of sweat from his brow and squinted at the angry desert sun. His partner, Mav, kept a close watch on the mutant […]

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