Deary Diary: Nose to the Grindstone

Howdy, People keep asking me when my first book is gonna be up for sale on the website. Family members, friends, and random folks from the interwebs. And every time I say the same thing, […]

Dear Diary: Milestones

Howdy, I hit a personal landmark on the website last week. Friday’s short story marked the 100th post on the website. Break out the beer and pinatas! It may not be much, but it’s a […]

The Spotlight: Transition

Howdy! It’s time for another Spotlight folks! I’ve been featuring stories read by my dudebro Chris Herron for the last few weeks. If he keeps doing as good a job as he has been, I’m […]

Dear Diary: Updated Merc Rules

Howdy, I’ve been working on updating the Merc Rules behind the scenes. It has, I’ll admit, interfered with my weekly writing a bit. Not terribly, but just enough to make things uncomfortable. But the Merc Rules […]

The Spotlight: Of Monsters and Mushrooms

Howdy! You know what time it is… Time for another Spotlight! This week I’m featuring an audio story, Of Monsters and Mushrooms, written by Lesley Herron and recorded by my dudebro (and her husband) Chris Herron. Check out […]

Dear Diary: “New Awlins”

Howdy, So… I’ve been out for the last week. Hopefully, no one noticed, as I managed to keep the post schedule roughly on time. Where was I, you ask? On a business trip to New […]

The Spotlight: The Final Burial

Howdy! It’s time for another Spotlight, and this week I’m featuring an audio story written by Daniel K. Lind and recorded by my dudebro Chris Herron. Chris’ website, features stories written by others and […]

Dear Diary: New Developments

Howdy, A few cool new developments on various fronts… Frist, My boys have been bugging me to start a YouTube channel for a long time. A place where they can post cool videos of all […]

The Spotlight: Rain

This week I am reblogging an audio story written by Kathy Steinemann and recorded by my good friend Christopher Herron. His website, features stories written by others and read by him. Rain is a […]

Dear Diary: Back in Business

Howdy, Things have finally started to return to normal around here. That means productivity is picking back up. At least it damn well better. I still ain’t at 100%, but the Merc Rules are back […]

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