Dear Diary: :-(

Howdy, Well, I’ve still got the flu. Last night was the worst yet. Still workin’ on my Merc Rules. In spirit. Which is to say that I have ’em planned out, but am having difficulty […]

Dear Diary: I Got the F*ckin’ Flu

Sup, So, you may have noticed my Tuesday Merc Rule went up late. And my Thursday Merc Rule still hasn’t been posted. Good job. Keep it up and you just might make detective. To quote […]

The Spotlight: h+

This week I bring h+, a creative short story from Valeri Paxton-Steele. Valeri approached me with h+ via Twitter in response to my invitation for short stories. h+ is an urban fantasy story that poses the fun question: […]

Logan: Wolvie, Exactly As He Should Be

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS NO SPOILERS I‘ve seen the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I’ve heard the praise on Reddit and Facebook. I’ve also seen all of the other films Hugh Jackman has appeared in as Wolverine. And […]

Dear Diary: Edits n’ Stuff

Howdy, I’ve been busier than usual with my 9 to 5. And was out of town over the weekend on a business trip. So naturally, productivity has taken a hit. But fear not, I’m still […]

The Spotlight: Schrodinger’s Problem

This week I present Schrodinger’s Problem, a dark and twisted short story from the mind of GrimGarry. I stumbled upon him and his stories via the monstrosity known as the Twittersphere. How to describe Schrodinger’s Problem… It has […]

Dear Diary: Working Out The Kinks

Howdy, It ain’t the fifth Monday of the month, but I’m blogging anyway. Because, damn it, it’s my website and I’m still working out the kinks. Mondays are still gonna feature Spotlight stories from guest […]

The Spotlight: The Sounds of Silence

This week I bring you The Sounds of Silence, an eerie flash fiction from Mozette at You Can’t Go Back – And Other Impossibilities. I discovered this story (like many others) via a flash fiction prompt on […]

10 Tricks to Quick Character Creation

Every writer gets stuck on character creation now and again. Whether it’s writing your protagonist’s POV just right, fleshing out that dastardly villain, or just creating sub-characters that shine instead of fade into the background. […]

Dear Diary: Changes on the Way!

Howdy, I’ve been doing this on twelve weeks now. Just long enough to get a feel for what works and what is a royal pain in my arse. I ain’t one to sacrifice quality—or quantity—if […]

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