The Spotlight: Kentucky Freed Chicken

This week I bring you Kentucky Freed Chicken, a chilling flash fiction from cheesywriterblog. I stumbled upon this story via a flash fiction prompt on Chuck Wendig’s website. He called upon his subscribers to write […]

The Spotlight: Mechanistry

Check out this hilarious flash fiction by Christopher Herron. It’s a steampunk fantasy featuring a brutish mad scientist and his latest “invention.” You can definitely expect a few chuckles with this one! Herron’s comedic writing […]

The Spotlight (Info & Guidelines)

Writing’s a hard business. Just ask any novice writer, seasoned wordsmith, or soulless Faustian hack. Unless you’re locked into a comfy seven-figure contract with a movie deal on the way, you’re always gonna be chasing […]

10 Steps to Being Your Own Boss

At the start of every year we scramble to convince ourselves we’ll be better this year than the one before. But let’s be honest. How often does that really pan out? I don’t need a […]

Dear Diary: What to Blog… What to Blog…

Week 5 New Flash Fiction: DING! New Merc Rules: Merc Rule 746, Merc Rule 42 It’s only been a month since I started blogging and already I’ve realized I’m gonna need something more interesting to talk […]

Dear Diary: How I Won NaNoWriMo, Barely

Week 4 New Flash Fiction: Focus New Merc Rules: Merc Rule 70, Merc Rule 233 This was the second year I attempted NaNoWriMo. So naturally I thought I was prepared. Figured it might be easier. Since, […]

Dear Diary: Epic Coolness on the Way

Week 2 So I’ve officially launched. (Woot!) Which is to say, I’ve started with my regular posting schedule. Pretty exciting, right? I might still fiddle around with some of the art design and logos a […]

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