Merc Rule 42

Merc Rule 42: Never trust a man in a poncho. There’s no shortage of shady characters in the bloody business. Hell, I ain’t come across a merc who didn’t have a closet full of skeletons. But […]

Merc Rule 41

Merc Rule 41: A merc don’t need anyone’s approval. As long as he’s getting paid. -Snake Matthews Now, every merc has done things he wished he hadn’t. But at the end of the day, feeding your […]

Merc Rule 40

Merc Rule 40: Never bring a knife to a gunfight. You’ll need at least six. Now why in the hell would six knives do you any good against a gun? You may recall that the most […]

Merc Rule 39

Merc Rule 39: Restraint: What mercs exercise when there are too many witnesses. Mercs ain’t known to be a patient bunch. Fact of the matter is, the bloody business typically calls for fellas who act first […]

Merc Rule 38

Merc Rule 38: A merc crew is only as stealthy as its drunkest member. If you’ve ever been around a drunk merc then you know they ain’t exactly the kind that can whisper without their voice […]

Merc Rule 37

Merc Rule 37: Good Idea: Lead by example. Better Idea: Send someone else in first. Every merc crew needs a boss who ain’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Ain’t afraid to jump out in front […]

Merc Rule 36

Merc Rule 36: The proper way to tell if a steak is done is to slap it and see if it moos. Every merc in the bloody business knows that after a hard day’s work there’s […]

Merc Rule 35

Merc Rule 35: Don’t get bloody, cut toward your buddy. -Stab McKay It’s a well-known fact that ol’ Stab is a master of the blade. He can carve up men as easily as a side of […]

Merc Rule 34

Merc Rule 34: You ain’t gotta be tough to be a merc, but it helps to look the part. If you ain’t tough, you better be smart, have the right weapons, or some mean desperados backing […]

Merc Rule 33

Merc Rule 33: A shot in the dark is a sure thing. It always hit what you weren’t aiming for. A shot in the dark never hits its mark. Which is another way o’ saying, if your pistol […]

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