Merc Rule 32

Merc Rule 32: Heights ain’t particularly dangerous. Unless you fall from ’em. Every merc has a fear or two tucked away someplace dark where no one is like to discover it. Saving me, o’ course. We […]

Merc Rule 31

Merc Rule 31: A merc can conquer the entire world with one hand if you put enough money in the other. This rule’s a bit deceptive. Particularly the bit that seems to imply that a merc’s […]

Merc Rule 30

Merc Rule 30: A merc feels truly alive when holding a live grenade. Unless they hold it for more than three seconds. Billie Rocket-thumbs is a self-taught demolitions expert, which is a rare thing. Seeing as […]

Merc Rule 29

Merc Rule 29: Humility: Watching another merc do what you just said was impossible. It’s important to note that there’s three kinds of impossible. First, you got what’s merely unlikely. Then, what’s inconceivable. And finally, what […]

Merc Rule 28

Merc Rule 28: Step on a landmine once, get a cybernetic leg. Step on a landmine twice, get new glasses. Landmines ain’t the friendliest of man’s devices. They’ll chew you up and spit you out every […]

Merc Rule 27

Merc Rule 27: Few things are as terrifying as a man in a wig and dress running at you with a sword. The Kabukimono are a dangerous sort. Street samurai embracing the bygone culture of their […]

Merc Rule 26

Merc Rule 26: A well-timed pause says more than the words around it. Which is another way of saying that sometimes the best way to make your point is by not saying a damn thing. If […]

Merc Rule 25

Merc Rule 25: Merconomics: Inflation is what happens to the heads of young mercs and the waists of old ones. Every merc’s acquainted with economics well enough to reckon his worth and his price. ‘Specially when […]

Merc Rule 24

Merc Rule 24:  Omission is the better part of valor. You may be wondering if this rule refers to lying by omission, or just plain omission of valor. And to that I say… yep. It’s a […]

Merc Rule 23

Merc Rule 23: A good con man remembers every detail, whether it happened or not. A master con man ain’t nothing more’n a master storyteller, weaving his tales on the unsuspecting. Earning their trust, whisper by whisper, […]

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