*Shell Shocked

April 21, 2017

You ever notice how old people smell different? Of course you do. You might remember hugs and kisses from your grandma or sitting on pappy’s lap as he bounced you up and down, and they […]

*Guy Stuff

March 31, 2017

You ever seen a dead body? Because I have. Not a ton, mind you, but enough. It never upset me or made me uncomfortable, but I still can’t get over just how surreal it is. […]

*Brain Freeze

December 23, 2016

It’s funny how one teensy tiny little thing—like pissing off the mob—can lead to torching your van and dumping it in the bottom of the Hudson. But it came with the territory, just another occupational […]

*You Break, You Buy

December 16, 2016

Georgy Federov crunched into the last of his vanilla cone and opened the back of his ice cream truck to reveal an array of military-grade firearms. Well, not an ice cream truck per se. Just […]

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