Brig hung a heavy arm from the passenger window as they bounced along a trail in the high country. Nothing more than two lines of dirt cutting through tall grass and devilweed. The junker’s heavy, […]

The Spotlight: Of Monsters and Mushrooms

Howdy! You know what time it is… Time for another Spotlight! This week I’m featuring an audio story, Of Monsters and Mushrooms, written by Lesley Herron and recorded by my dudebro (and her husband) Chris Herron. Check out […]

*Aces and Eights

Brig chewed on a soggy cigar and squinted across the table at the pair of mercs scowling behind their cards. One, a shifty-eyed vaquero named Flat-nose Florentez. The other, a gawky poncho-wearing son of a […]

*Not Just Any Fool

“Listen here, you puffed up canaries,” Gator snapped, raising her fist. “You either pay the whole fare up front or you can hire some other merc to tow this hunk of junk back to Three […]

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