Brig hung a heavy arm from the passenger window as they bounced along a trail in the high country. Nothing more than two lines of dirt cutting through tall grass and devilweed. The junker’s heavy, […]

Merc Rule 48

Welcome to WR 103.7 “The Merc” with wasteland legends Spivey and Coyote Joe! Merc Rule 48: If at first you don’t succeed… explosives ain’t your calling *   *   * COYOTE JOE: It takes a special […]

Merc Rule 43

Merc Rule 43: A merc is obligated to join a fight under two conditions: 1) someone hit a woman, 2) someone hit a man. Mercs are a scrappy bunch of bastards. They’ll look for any reason […]

Merc Rule 25

Merc Rule 25: Merconomics: Inflation is what happens to the heads of young mercs and the waists of old ones. Every merc’s acquainted with economics well enough to reckon his worth and his price. ‘Specially when […]

Merc Rule 22

Merc Rule 22: A quiet merc is a welcome patron, but five in a huddle are downright suspect. Everyone loves a quiet merc. He’s usually a humble sort. Keeps to himself. Don’t bother nobody. And when […]

Merc Rule 14

Merc Rule 14: A single nod is the proper way to greet unfamiliar mercs. Less chance of it ending in incineration. Mercs are a prideful bunch. They all think they know best. And when they tend […]


They didn’t call him “Luckless” Armstrong Gamble for nothing. Luckless wiped a bead of sweat from his brow and squinted at the angry desert sun. His partner, Mav, kept a close watch on the mutant […]

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