Merc Rule 38

Merc Rule 38: A merc crew is only as stealthy as its drunkest member. If you’ve ever been around a drunk merc then you know they ain’t exactly the kind that can whisper without their voice […]

Merc Rule 13

Merc Rule 13: The pen is mightier than the sword in the hands of the expert knife thrower. Every merc knows their way around a blade well enough to keep a boot knife—or six—stashed for special […]

Merc Rule 9

Merc Rule 9: Money makes the world go round. Whiskey makes it go twice as fast. No one knows better than Big Money Marquez what having the proper coin can do for a situation. And when […]

Merc Rule 6

Merc Rule 6: Merconomics: Cost Effective means never ordering anything weaker than whiskey. Cheapskate Calhoun is the self-proclaimed master of Merconomics. And who’s to argue with that chintzy bastard? Any fella trying to squeeze a nickel […]

Merc Rule 3

Merc Rule 3: Just ’cause you can outdrink the boss don’t mean you should. Every merc is entitled to a little drink on the job. It’s an unwritten rule. Call it a perk of the bloody […]

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