Merc Rule 50

Merc Rule 50: A coward dies a thousand deaths, but still outlives a fool. Nobody likes a coward. And that’s a damn shame, ’cause it’s a whole lot of work living long enough to be branded […]

Merc Rule 44

Merc Rule 44: Flattery will get you halfway… Money will take you the rest. Not every merc can be convinced to do every job. Naturally, some of us are in more demand than others. And it’s […]

Merc Rule 11

Merc Rule 11: It’s better to be a coward missing an ear than a fool missing his whole head. -French Hicks Mercs don’t much like the notion of cowardice. There’s worse things, though. Like being lowered […]

Merc Rule 5

Merc Rule 5: Always sleep upwind from camp. -Chili-House Javier  If you ain’t met Chili-house Javier, you won’t be able to appreciate this rule. Even so, you can guess he didn’t get the name for his […]

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