Merc Rule 43

Merc Rule 43: A merc is obligated to join a fight under two conditions: 1) someone hit a woman, 2) someone hit a man. Mercs are a scrappy bunch of bastards. They’ll look for any reason […]

Merc Rule 29

Merc Rule 29: Humility: Watching another merc do what you just said was impossible. It’s important to note that there’s three kinds of impossible. First, you got what’s merely unlikely. Then, what’s inconceivable. And finally, what […]

Merc Rule 13

Merc Rule 13: The pen is mightier than the sword in the hands of the expert knife thrower. Every merc knows their way around a blade well enough to keep a boot knife—or six—stashed for special […]

Merc Rule 6

Merc Rule 6: Merconomics: Cost Effective means never ordering anything weaker than whiskey. Cheapskate Calhoun is the self-proclaimed master of Merconomics. And who’s to argue with that chintzy bastard? Any fella trying to squeeze a nickel […]

Merc Rule 3

Merc Rule 3: Just ’cause you can outdrink the boss don’t mean you should. Every merc is entitled to a little drink on the job. It’s an unwritten rule. Call it a perk of the bloody […]

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