*Aces and Eights

Brig chewed on a soggy cigar and squinted across the table at the pair of mercs scowling behind their cards. One, a shifty-eyed vaquero named Flat-nose Florentez. The other, a gawky poncho-wearing son of a […]

Merc Rule 16

Merc Rule 16: Good Idea: Keeping track of how many bullets are left in your gun. Better Idea: Keeping track of how many are left in your enemy’s. Every merc worth his salt knows how to […]

Merc Rule 5

Merc Rule 5: Always sleep upwind from camp. -Chili-House Javier  If you ain’t met Chili-house Javier, you won’t be able to appreciate this rule. Even so, you can guess he didn’t get the name for his […]

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