Merc Rule 42b

Merc Rule 42b: Never trust anyone who consorts with a man in a poncho. First, let’s make sure we all remember Rule 42: Never trust a man in a poncho. If there’s any question on that […]

Merc Rule 41

Merc Rule 41: A merc don’t need anyone’s approval. As long as he’s getting paid. -Snake Matthews Now, every merc has done things he wished he hadn’t. But at the end of the day, feeding your […]

Merc Rule 17

Merc Rule 17: The trouble with being the smartest merc in the room is thinking you’re him. Calculating who’s the slickest merc in the joint ain’t as easy as it first might seem. ‘Cause there’s a […]

Merc Rule 15

Merc Rule 15: It ain’t dying that’s a shame. It’s getting killed before you can return the favor. There’s never been a more vile and unrepentant slayer of men than Daisy “Bloodlust” Ortega. Well… with mercs […]

Merc Rule 3

Merc Rule 3: Just ’cause you can outdrink the boss don’t mean you should. Every merc is entitled to a little drink on the job. It’s an unwritten rule. Call it a perk of the bloody […]

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