Merc Rule 39

Merc Rule 39: Restraint: What mercs exercise when there are too many witnesses. Mercs ain’t known to be a patient bunch. Fact of the matter is, the bloody business typically calls for fellas who act first […]

Merc Rule 32

Merc Rule 32: Heights ain’t particularly dangerous. Unless you fall from ’em. Every merc has a fear or two tucked away someplace dark where no one is like to discover it. Saving me, o’ course. We […]

Merc Rule 28

Merc Rule 28: Step on a landmine once, get a cybernetic leg. Step on a landmine twice, get new glasses. Landmines ain’t the friendliest of man’s devices. They’ll chew you up and spit you out every […]

Merc Rule 27

Merc Rule 27: Few things are as terrifying as a man in a wig and dress running at you with a sword. The Kabukimono are a dangerous sort. Street samurai embracing the bygone culture of their […]

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